Work for the Joy of a Thankless Job

Being an artist most of the time is pretty disappointing. Nobody really buys my art. I sure do get a lot of “likes” but not much monetary gain. This guy tonight told me he’d like my art more if it was bigger and done with paint and, basically, not done by me. I have closets, drawers and portfolios full of art that I was excited to think of, create, show the world, try to sell, put in a box and forget about. Most of my art is like a fart in the wind. For one brief second it will make an impact and then you’ll forget all about it.

One thought on “Work for the Joy of a Thankless Job

  1. Bring an artist is only disappointing when you think you can make a living at it. But bring an artist is a gift
    and not to be taken lightly. It is something we (we artists) have to do. It is a lifetime of wonder and
    imaginative creativity and a disappointment. We know what we have to offer it is a shame others don’t want to pay for the privilege of enjoying it also. You’ve got to stick to it it is the only thing we can do that is really ours. Funny, you write this sad note and yet in the next breath you ask me if I have or know about Yupo paper-think about it. Sir

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